Carlos Alberto Müller Villanueva
actor and choreographer

The Theatre University in Stockholm 1993 - 1996.
The National Theatre of the Deaf in Chester USA 1994.
International Visual Theatre in Paris France 1995.

I have been part of following plays:

2012: "FAME the musical" by David de Silva. Director Josette Bushell-Mingo. Played: Mr Myers.
The representation is a collaboration between Riksteaterns Tyst Teater and Örebro länsteater.
See theatre web>>

2011: "73304-23-4153-6-96-8" by Thomas Ott. Atelier européen. Director: Emmanuelle Laborit. Cooperate with Teater Manu, Tyst Teater och IVT in Paris och Reims. See theatre web>>

2010: A shaky adventure. Director by Josette Bushell-Mingo. played Ali. See theatre>>

2009: Pär Aron Borgs fantastiska äventyr: Director by Josette Bushell-Mingo and
director asistant: Carlos Müller. See theatre >>

2008: The Match: Director & idea: Carlos Müller Villanueva and role Christian Engström
played Charlie Chaplin. See theatre >>

2007: The Odysey by Anders Duus fritt after Homeros. Director by: Josette Bushell-Mingo..
Played Agamamnon and Paris; production of a film. 

2006: Dream time. Project, Conducted of Josette Bushell-Mingo.

2005: The night is Mother of the day by Lars Norén. Director by Michael Cocke.
Played Georg.
See theatre >>

2005: The Worlds Greatest Party by Anders Duus. Director by Mette Marqvardsen.
Principal played Fabian. See theatre >>

2004: LOS COMPAÑEROS A Poetic Performance by Pablo Neruda and Victor Jara. Director by Lars Otterstedt. Played choreography. See theatre >>

2004: The Goddess. Director by Peter Amoghli. Played Goddess and the boy. See theatre >>

2003: The Anonymous Letter by Erik Uddenberg. Director by Lisa Hugoson.
Principal played Johan. See theatre >>

2002: Donkey skin by Charles Perrault. Dorected by Bernard Cauchad. Played red and
blue Manservants and Peasant.
See theatre >>

2001: The Love of the Nighigale by Timberlake Wertenbaker. Dorected by Johan Bernander. Principal played Tereus and prince Itys. See theatre >>

2000: Mostly about animals by Jean de La Fontaine. Idé concept: Bernard Cauchard. Played the roles of the lyon and the reedstraw. See theatre >>

1998: The big main road by August Strindberg. Directed by Niklas Westergren. Played the roles of the Walker and Gotthard. See theatre >>

1998: Mirad and his mother by Ad de Bont. Directed by Tom Fjordefalk.
Played the role of Mirad. See theatre >>

1997: Not I - for deaf ears by Samuel Beckett, Susanna Tamaro and Ulla-bell --Thorin. Directed by Tom Fjordefalk. Played the role of a child, old man--and Joel. I also made the choreography.
Also the Swedish Theaterbiennial.
See theatre >>

1996: Little Mahagonny by Bertolt Brecht. Directed by Tom Fjordefalk.Played a child and played the role of Paul Ackerman. This produktion was part of my examination work at
Teaterhögskolan and Tyst Teater.
See theatre >>

1995: I.V.T. Did my practise at the International Visual Theatre in Paris. Choreography Joël Liennel. Played dance and choroegraphy. See theatre >>

1994: The Tempest "Now" by William Shakespeare. Directed by Tom Fjordefalk. Played Caliban and Gonzalo. Partner producted by Tyst Teater, Teaterhögskolan and Dramaten. In this play
Tyst teater was invited to be part of the Swedish biennial.
See theatre >>


2003: The town for all. Director by Sanna Turell och Sara Swanson, production. Mopfilm.
Principal played the man.

: The black man. Doricted by Liene Strante. Principal played the boy.
: Sign Languaje Poetry. Video at the SIH in Örebro.

Remaining pedagogical work:

2007: III Conference on Bilingual Education for the Deaf in Antofagasta Chile. I did teach
workshop for children.

: The School El escuela Institutos de Sordera. I did talk for child and young. Santiago Chile.
: Asociacion de Sordos de Chile. I did talk for the adult and young. Santiago Chile
: Teater Alliansen in Nacka. I did teach workshop for actores.
: Fryshuset in Stockhom. I did teach workshop for young people.
: Dream time. Project, Conducted of Josette Bushell-Mingo. I had contribute in dance,
choreographer whit Françoise Joyce. I read one poem by Gabriela Mistral whit
dramaturg Joakim Stenshäll.

: División de Cultura - Ministerio de Educación i Santiago Chile. I did director, teach in the
workshop and lecturer.
Centro de Extension de la Universidad de Catolica in Chile, I did teach in
workshop and lecturer.
Unversidad Metropolitana in Chile, I did teach in workshop and lecturer.
Agrupacion de sordos de Atacama in Copiapo Chile, I did teach in workshop and lecturer.
Asociación de Sordos de Chile.

2002: Grupo Señas Libre in Mexico City. I did teach in workshop and lecturer.
: International Deaf Theatre Conference. in workshop in Brisbane Australia.
: UFRGS in Porto Alegre Brazil. Lecturer.

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